Photo Challenge

In our curtain costumes in the play "The Sound of Music"
This Is my cat Loki and he always makes me smile.
I chose this because the green in the moss is very bold and stands out from the rusty, old anchor.
I used this one because...... it is the only picture of food on my phone.
This was when me and my brother, Preston, were flying to Florida.
I took this in the fall of 2014 under the tree of our old house.
This is what I whore the day the picture was due.
I thought this one would look good with a black and white filter, so I used it!
This is when we were moving out of our old house.
This is a picture of my hands.........
I will miss the RMS Drama Program because it was so much fun in all these years!
The Ocean was suppose to be #12 but I messed up a little... But, this was the beautiful beaches down in Florida!!!!
I took this out of the window of my dad's apartment.
I also messed up because this is suppose to be #14 but anywhays, this is also out of my dadf's window!
Here's a pic of my cheap shoes....
Here is a pic of a drawing that is still bad but i thought i should use it as "Something I Made".
This is a pic of my grandmother who lives in Florida.
This was when we use to have a NH house.... I miss it...
Here is an American Flag in the didtance.
This is Hayao Miyazaki, my Hero.

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