Teaching Multicultural and Bilingual Learners

Overview and Application of Content Covered :)

Hello there! I am excited to teach you about Multicultural and bilingual learners. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always smile when working with your ELL students. The best way to make them feel comfortable is to incorporate their culture in the content that you cover. Most ELL students that come not only have new schools but new cultures as well. Teachers are crucial to a students transition to a new routine. In order to make this transition easier, it is important to keep structure and daily routine to make what is expected of them predictable. That way students will know what they are needing to do and will not have to stress over what is expected of them, therefore, they can focus on their language and communication with the teacher and peers. When a teacher is able to provide multiple opportunities to speak English, then you will start experiencing more confident learners. It's important to be aware of your students background and social, along with emotional needs. Most students are not only having to experience a new school, but new culture as well.

With all that being said, I have been encouraged of many new ideas for teaching E.L.L. students in the future. As I am wanting to teach students with special needs, I think that using lots of visuals and manipulatives is a great way for students to gain clear communication and vocabulary. The idea that I liked the most was developing units that provide a variety of cultural backgrounds. It's important for students to learn about other cultures, especially if it is a classmates culture. Students will have a better understanding of each other if you are able to teach about different cultures. Also, I believe that having a unit over a students culture will spark their attention about the subject. With several different cultures in one classroom setting, it is important to make sure that no students are isolated just because of their race, culture, or language spoken. As Bennett once said, "to dwell on cultural differences is to foster negative prejudices and sterotypes." It is crucial to begin teaching that at a young age so students eventually see very few differences between each other in the future.

As our schools are becoming more diverse, it is important for teachers to do everything they can to incorporate everyone. It may be a struggle but with these helpful tips and ideas, the process can be just a little bit easier! :)