Derek Shirley & Mariah Adams - Railsback - 1st Period

No Author Left Behind!

FreeLance is an online program allowing authors to write about what they like, while still being paid and getting published by bigger names than themselves.

How Does That Work?

Authors write about subjects that interest them, such as the typhoon in the Philippines, and publishers from newspapers and magazines all over the world pay them for their articles, rather than hiring expensive ghostwriters and employees to write them.

What Do We Need From You?

FreeLance is a simple business. We both invested $3,000 as a startup cost. This allowed us to purchase a server from Dell, Hire a Web designer, and rent an office for a month. As we grew over the last year, we made $40,000.

What we need now, is $30,000 from our investors to advertise our company globally, and to purchase more servers to host our growing website. As we grow, we can add features tot he site to make it more accessible, and enjoyable for everyone using it.

$30,000 would earn a 10% stake in our business.

Why Are We Unique?

FreeLance allows for authors with little recognition in the writing world to become not only better authors, and see what writing styles suit them the most, but it also allows for their name to spread around the world, so that when they decide to publish their own work, it will fly off the shelves. No other company can help authors in such an innovative and productive way.

How does that make you momey?

When a magazine or newspaper buys an article written by one of our authors, we receive 25% of all profits made by the author. This can range from small transactions by growing authors, or large, groundbreaking articles by famous authors writing in their spare time.


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