Physical Properties

By: Nicholas D. Pablo

As the diagram says, opposite magnetic poles attract and the same force away.


Magnets create a magnetic field that makes the magnets repel and attract. Magnets are made of a certain material known as iron or nickel. These are the two main materials that we use. If the magnet has a temporary magnetic charge, the magnetic field produced doesn't last forever. To charge a magnet and make it last, you would want to heat it to its Curie temperature or hotter than that. If you want to make a magnet last forever, then you would want to find a stronger metal and heat it to its Curie point or further.


Heat is part of the temperature and atmosphere. Heat is created by stars and other things in space, it is also created by friction. Heat finds something that is unheated and goes into it, but shortly comes out if it isn't a good conductor. Conductors are objects able to allow heat or electricity to flow through it, but can escape eventually if there isn't anything to keep it in.

This is a diagram of how the Earth stays warm.


Mass is the measure of how much matter there is in an object. Matter is basically everything. Everything is made of matter. Mass is measured with a balance but typically, you would think balances are used to measure weight, but in space nothing weighs anything unless it is affected by a gravitational pull. On different planets everything is affected differently but here's the thing, EVERYTHING is changed too, and how much matter is in you cannot be affected unless something happens to you physically.


Density is how compact an object is like hollow objects and solid objects. Density can be measured by seeing how much space an object takes up in water and whether it floats or not. Objects that float are less dense than the liquid they are sustained in. Objects that sink are more dense that the liquid it is sustained in.

This represents how dense the molecules are in different stages of matter.


Buoyancy is the upward force of the liquid on the solid object which is stronger than the downward force of gravity unless the object is changed in anyway as in: Changed form, let air out, gravity changed, or the water was changed by another substance. Buoyancy can be measured like density, sink or float.

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