Digestive System !

digestive system

the digestive  is a group of organs working together to convert into energy , and basic nutrients to feed the entire body . well enough about what is the digestive system, we need to talk about how does the digestive system work ..... well the digestive system work like this , the hollow organs that make up the ¨ GI TRACT ¨ for the ones who don't know what that mean . the( GI Tract )is the  human gastrointestinal tract, is an organ system responsible for consuming and digesting foodstuffs, absorbing nutrients, and expelling waste. ¨Does anyone ever wonder  why do we need and Digestive System¨ ?

well let me tell you why we need the digestive system , we need the digestive system because it Breaks down your food you  &&-  also give you the proteins you need and all your nutrients without your digestive system you would be sick or it might cause you death because you won't never  have energy . or you would'N t have the proteins you need your brain would'N t function right because it won't get feed . actually the broken-down food is then absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestines and Nutrients are carried to other parts of body cells !

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