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College History and Origin

175 years ago Albert Gallatin's intention to make a school "in this immense and fast growing city... A system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously open to all". In 1831 many of students in American universities and colleges were people of higher social classes. Albert and the university's other founding fathers wanted NYU to be a place of higher education that everyone could go to, no matter religious beliefs, national origin or social background.

Here are some important dates throughout NYU's history as a University:

In 1832 the first classes were at Clinton hill, near city hall.

In 1835 the University's building opens and the school of Law established.

And my personal favorite date in 1841 the School of Medicine was established.

From a student body of 158, when the university first opened, to a student body to nearly 40,000 students, and a faculty of 14 professors to now a total of over 3,100 members!

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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants are expected to submit results from one of the following testing options:

  • The SAT Reasoning Test; or
  • The ACT with Writing Test; or
  • Three SAT Subject Test scores; or
  • Three AP exam scores; or
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma; or
  • Three IB higher-level exam scores (if you are not an IB Diploma candidate)
  • Sorry no website gave me the actual scores or anything to get admission into NYU, it just gave me what I needed to turn in with an application, nothing more.

Tuition and Costs

Total per year:

NYU Annual Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival

   NYU plans an event that pulls together students, staff and faculty for a day of wellness, community, and duh, strawberries! This event involves carnival games, give a ways, game booths, live music, and NYC's longest strawberry shortcake.

Degree plan: Science of Nursing

Requirements for Degree

University core Curriculum: 10 classes

Nursing Prereqs: 8 classes

Nursing Core: 3 classes

1. Nursing Prereqs




Mathematics-1320 or higher


2. More Nursing Prereqs



3. Nursing Core




Letter Recommendation

To Whom This May Concern,

I am currently writing this letter of recommendation to display my dearest and honest opinion on the excellent student that is Christina Devora for the purpose of her being accepted to her chosen university. Christina’s determination and dedication is unmatched when referring to her listening and learning skills. Christina’s adaption to new material is absolutely outstanding as she clearly navigates through all of her assignments as if the material is almost second nature. She is most certainly capable to handle whichever university she enters and will still maintain top scores among all her students.Ms. Devora’s skills vary widely from being extremely efficient as well as being able to strive well even under pressure. Stressful situations are easily breezed off by her tendency to thrive amongst difficult obstacles and she works exceptionally well when faced with group activities. Not only is she a exceedingly well coordinated student, she is also athletically skilled as she participates in flags, as she and her flags team (mostly she) were runner up in a state competition, which if you were aware of the physical difficulties involved, this is a huge achievement.Overall she is so much more capable than any other student you may come across, and denying her would not only be a mistake, but a crime against education.

Dr. Isaiah Gomez

Criminal Psychiatrist


AsylumGotham, IL 60290

Tel (630) 123-4567


Persuasive Essay

Lots of children have faced many challenges throughout their lives, some may be serious like a type of disorder of some kind, to, just not being able to understand the material that the teachers are trying to teach them. I have faced many challenges, and had made many sacrifices to be where i am now. My single mother struggling, colorguard, IB, was a lot to take on all at once because of all the sacrifices me and my family had to make just so that I could have a bright future.         

As i was growing up with my family of three, we were struggling to get by, my mom could barely put me in school because of the cost of the uniforms, we were jumping from hotel to hotel and from apartments to apartments, we didn't even have a car until i went the end of my first grade year. My point is money was tight, my mom couldn't finish college or find a job, it was so ironic she couldn't find a job because she needed a babysitter for us, but you need money to pay the babysitter.

Throughout my life my mom was and still is very hard on me when it comes to school and specifically my grades.I could never get anything let than an 87 in a class no matter what the circumstances. I could not be more thankful for a mother like her to literally give me everything just so my sister and I could be successful. I owe it my mother to create a life for myself to pay her back for everything she did, to make sure all her sacrifices didn't go to waste.

I want to pay her back, i want her to be proud of everything that i have accomplished because of her, i want her to be finally at peace with the world with no more worries about how we all will turn out; she will finally be happy and free. My dream is to become a nurse, to help people when they are in need or in pain, i want to serve the community.

Cover letter

Business Office

Sierra Providence Health Network

1250 E Cliff Dr

El Paso, Texas 79938

To Whom it may Concern,

I am applying for a nursing position, as a pediatric, at the hospital you are currently working at. As a 2026 graduate of New York University, I have experience working at one of the top hospitals in New York City,with many responsibilities.

As of right now I am unemployed due to relocation of residency. In my past job I have gotten many helpful skills to be a better pediatric nurse.In my sophomore year at NYU, I wanted to serve and help the community, so I started volunteering at a local hospital. This position gave me experience with paper work in the main offices, I was responsible for mainly transferring documents and checking up on patients.

It is my dream to be a caring, responsible, excellent nurse who will serve the patients no matter what the need is. I hope to hear from you soon.



Christina Devora

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