My dream home

Intro this is a house that I am making and it is my dream home so let's get started

Outside front hard would have a pond and a little waterfall by the pond with a garden of flowerss that will be linked up by the house then they're would be a lot of trees then in the back yard there would be a trampolige and  a in ground pool and hot tub then there would be a snack and drink machine out side to

Intro this is a house that I am making and it is my dream home so let's get started

Rooms:  there are going to be 3 Normal rooms Rooms:  there are going to be 3 Normal rooms and 3 master bedrooms  they will each have a bathroom one room will have a gigantic walk in closet and the closet will have

Wood flooring as so will every room in the house and no carpet flooring. The three normal rooms are pretty normal nice wooden flooring and a green size bed with a dresser and more and they will each have closets but not all master walk in closets some will just be normal walk in closets. Then the master bedrooms will have nice saunas pretty mirror a bult in alarm clock so it can wake me or someone else up in the morning so they can got work then other regular stuff besides the built in iPad in the wall and a nice king size bed with a buitiful shelf for all necklaces jewelry and other appliances. Then there will be a desk and that will be fro bills and other writing activities that will be usefull  for my room.

Bathrooms: there will be 7 bathrooms and 6 will be put in with the rooms and the others on is a master bathroom that will have a big bathtub and a shower, with a marble counter and a water proof tv put in the bath so u can watch tv and In joy taking a bath a then there will be a nice fosit in the bathtub and a built in iPad in the wall to turn on music and you can listen to that instead of watching tv. Then you can have a nice holder for your shampoo and appliances that you need to use then there will be a spot to put shavers and shaving cream , then on the  sink there will be a Metle soap des pincer Built into your sink and a marble counter with a nice big sink and nice big Woden flooring but rugs by the bathtub so the water that might slip out of the bathtub doesn't mess up the flooring oh and don't forget the jets in Bath tub.

Master Walk In Closets:  the master walk in closets have a big mirror and a nice clothes hangers and I would have a huge mirror and the mirror would help me so if I had to get ready in the morning I would have the mirror so I didn't have to go all the way to my room to get my self ready I could just see myself in there. Then I would have a necklace holder and that would keep all of my necklaces in it and a heater that If it was winter I could be warm.

Master living room. The master living room would have a nice flatscreen Tv and a big couch that would have heaters in side of it and a chair that vibrates and then s built in shelf in the wall that holds all of the blankets and one that holds all of the pictures. Then there would be a coffee table in the middle of the room laying on a rug.

Laundry room in the laundry room there is going to be a huge washer and dryer of course then there's is going to be a shelf that can hike all of the soap and stain remover and all of the stuff to use for the laundry and then there would be a hamper and a shelf to put clean towels and a rack to put all of the clean clothes on to dry that can't be put in the dryer then there would be a light switch that is a circle and you can move it around to change the brightness in the lights

KItchen there will be a island in the  middle of the room and 2 stoves stacked up by each other and a touch screen refrigerator that works like this lets say you wanted water you would press a button and have it fill up your water for you then you can press a button that would give you ice then in the ridges would have a shelf then you would press a button and the shelf would have another shelf inside of it. Then the capnets would be wooden and shiny and there will be lots of them and then on the wall there would be a white board that opens and has shelf to put Medicean in.

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