Skills and Characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

Industry specific:

  • What technical knowledge might you need in a computer job?

Programming - Writing computer programs for various purposes, operations Analysis - Analyzing needs and product requirements to create a design, you need to understand computers and electronics - knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

  • What working procedures would you follow in a computer job?

You need to do eye and eyesight tests, provide health and safety training. If you not going to follow working procedures, your work may be done incorrectly.

  • What Health and Safety issues might you come across?


  • What Interpersonal skills will you need?

You need to be sociable, work with others, go to meetings and follow instructions which manager gave or told you.

  • What planning skills will you need?

Project management, help desk/technical support, team working.

  • What numeric skills will you need?

Mathematics, understanding how to work with formulas.

  • What creativity skills will you need?

Problem solving skills, creativity ideas.


  • What attitudes will be preferred?

Loyalty, Honesty, quick learner, motivator, team player, acceptor who takes responsibility for their own results, planner, communicator and a solver who does not just see problems, but finds solutions.

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