Touching Spirit Bear

I'm writing about Cole's mom and I really cant't believe that his mom would do that to Cole just ignore him. Sometimes I think how can a mom with kids just ignore them like why do kids have to get punished they never did nothing bad. Some people can't have children and really want kids and people that can have kids they don't appreciate what they have. Cole's  mom is just a bad mom I hope that in the the end her mom can realize that what Cole has done was bad and she can realize that she need's some help  with her drinking problem. Well I hope soon she can open her eyes and realize what she has missed on Cole's childhood.

This image shows a mom yelling at her kid for no reason and her kid being used to it. So I think this how Cole looked when his mom yelled at him. This is an image that I think Cole went through when he was small. This a good picture and it describes a lot of his mom and his relationship. I hope they can get along better soon .  

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