Big Trouble in Little Soledad

By: Sam
“So you’ve been giving my wife the eye.” Said Curley as he started concealing his fists in his pockets. George looks at him and says “why do you think I would such a thing?” curly contorted the whole situation out of whack. He twisted his stories so bad that even Lennie was getting mad at him. As of right now George might be in-hot-water. “If you do anything curly your gonna be sorry” says George. George somewhat subdued Curley, because Lennie stood at his side, but Curley was still talking something fierce. George doesn’t know where he’s getting this bumsteer information. Everyone that was around the table had moved to their beds or left with their razors to go shave. Curley was trying to force the truth out of George. The situation had subdued for a little bit after George finally started to talk until he said I’ve never looked at your wife she’s ug….” Curley turned around real quick and said “what you say?!? She’s what?!? Huh?!?” George took a crack at trying to explain what he meant. Curley morosely looked at George like he was going to kill him. “Curley, I made a derogatory statement, I’m sorry” said George. Curley slipped his hands out of his pockets angled his arms and puffed out his chest and said “you wanna pick a scrap with me George, huh? George looked at Curley and preceded to explain what he meant “ Curley, your wife’s beautiful, just not my type.” “Oh now your sayin’ shes purty I oughta hit you!” Curley said as he steps closer and closer towards George. “Now Curley I don’t want you to get hurt.” Said George. “Me? Get hurt by you? Your crazy.” Curley exclaimed. Curley keeps trying to get closer to George but Lennie keeps getting in the middle of them, then finally Curley threw a punch. “Your gonna get licked!!” George yells ash he falls to the ground. As Curley cock’s back for another punch, Lennie comes behind him and bear hugs him, and says “your not going to hurt George no more.” “Nooo!!! Don’t hurt him!!!” Lennie hears Georges plea and he drops Curley. “You idiot we could lose our jobs over this.” George said with an exhausting breath. “Pick him up and we’ll bring him back to his house.” As Lennie and George bring Curley back to his house, their trying to think of something they can tell the boss. As their walking to Curley’s wife walks by and Curley says in a tiring voice “don’t give her the eye no more.” George looks at him and says “gotcha.” As they approach the bosses house he walks ut of his front door and yells “Curley is that you?” George yells back “yep.” George and Lennie walk him to the door and Lennie goes and puts him in his bed. “now let me explain how he fell and hit his head.” Said George.

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