Top 10 differences for Charly and Flowers for Algernon

By: Joelle Mettler

These difference were all in the movie that were different from what happened in the book.

1- Charly and Ms. Kinnian had gotten together as a couple and talked about getting. married.

2- Charly wrote on a chalkboard of his day.

3- Charly gave Ms. Kinnian a present and then sexually harassed her by kissing her.

4-  Charly paints pictures and most of them are very disturbing.

5- Charly is more aggressive and has more anger after the operation.

6- Ms. Kinnian had a husband then he died, she was then engaged.

7- Algernon is placed in Charly's room and then he races him on his own and beats him.

8-  Ms. Kinnian was giving Charly the tests.

9- Charly worked in a dough factory.

10- Charly was at a restaurant and when the bust boy dropped all the dishes he helped pick them up and stayed calm.

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