Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
May 11-15th

Has your child started a countdown to summer vacation yet at home because we have one at school. I am not sure how many are excited yet about the fact that they won't be in school 5 days of the week. For so many, school provides the consistency for them that they need in their lives. As summer approaches, it might be helpful to think about what your summer schedule might look like for them and talk about it with your child. Children thrive when there is a set schedule and routine. It's ok for that schedule and routine to look different during the summer, as long as they know what it is and what is expected of them.

Literacy/Science News

Your child has had a "jungle of a time" learning about the rainforest habitat this week. They really were attentive and focused and I can tell you that they learned a lot about what kinds of plants and animals call the rainforest its habitat. We are giving our final push with our reading strategies as we will be starting our final running record testing soon to see how much reading growth your child has made. Keep reading every night with your child; especially with the books I send home in the book bags.


This week, we spent a lot of time in different math centers which focused on a variety of skills we covered this year. We also have been working on writing equations and solving them. We worked on problem solving, reviewed counting by 2's, 5's,10's, and started to think about strategies for solving higher level thinking problems. Being a first grader is going to be tough!

Spring Dance

There was a great turnout at the Spring Dance! Thanks to all those who were able to come and have a good time! It was fun seeing the kids dancing and having fun!


Saturday: Cellcom 5K Event at Lambeau
Sunday: Cellcom Half and Full Marathon (I will be running the Half!)
Next week is a normal school week. Countdown days K, L, M, N, O.