The Oregon Territory

Abby, Maleah, Taylor


The Oregon Territory was land from the Pacific  Northwest given to the colonies from Britain

John Adams threatened Spanish people to give up some of it as well.

50,000 people had settled i the Oregon Territory between the years of 1840 and 1860.

The Oregon Territory existed from August 1848, to February 1859.

The Oregon Territory included present Oregon, Washington, Idaho and parts of Montana, Wyoming and British Columbia.


The significance of the Oregon territory is that it lead to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Oregon trail, the Gold Rush and many other things relating to westward expansion. Many types of people traveled from the east to the Oregon Trail including farmers, former slaves, and Mormons for religious freedom. This territory also lead to the idea of Manifest Destiny which is the idea that America was destined to move west. The Oregon Territory was the base of many things such as expansion, wars, and the new economy.



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