Travel In Space

If I could not fail at something, then I think it would be fun to go to space. There is such a limited amount of space that has actually been explored by humans. It would be so cool to be known as the famous astronaut who explored uncharted territories of space. There is such a limited number of people who have been to space so it would be a privilege to go. Because there are not a lot of astronauts, it can realistically be difficult to excel in this career, especially given the level of knowledge one must have to pursue something like this. If I couldn't fail though, it seems like a cool thing to do. It's also pretty scary thinking about being up there with limited oxygen and that I could just float off into the abyss until I run out of oxygen and then die, and that's not really something that you could "fail forward" with because there wouldn't be another chance. If I knew I could not fail  no matter what happened though, then this seems like a good option.

Space shuttle launch
Astronaut in space
Symbol of reaching new heights

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