Types of Hardwood Floors – A Closer Look at Each Variety

When you visit a hardwood flooring company, you will be presented with many options to choose from. These vendors have a complete range of flooring types that you can use in your home, each with its own style and appeal. Here is a complete listing of all the different types of hardwood floors you can come across and a brief explanation of the features of each one.

Red Oak

Red Oak is the most commonly available product with any wood flooring company and is the most popular one as well. As the name suggests, it is reddish in color but what makes it so preferable is its sturdiness and ability to resist wear and tear. With far fewer burns and swirls, red oak will bring a grainy texture and rustic appeal with itself, making it the best choice for use in any home!

White Oak

White Oak is the next most popular type of hardwood floor that you will find. Its defining characteristics are its ruggedly grainy texture and grey cast. It may be available in brown but will still retain those grayish overtones that it is famous for. Every seller will recommend using White Oak because of its strength, resilience and hardness, making it one of the longest lasting wood type available for home décor.


Another type available for home décor in any wooden flooring store is Beech. This one has a reddish brown color and offers a very consistent grain. It can resist shocks very well but tends to be less long lasting than the first two varieties.


The fourth type of hardwood flooring is Birch which can be dark brownish red in color or light yellow. This is a softer type of wood but do not mistake it to be any less strong. Floors made of Birch will stay with you for a long time and will add beautiful color and tones to the look of your home.


Cherry Wood is generally available as an accent or ornamental wood at most wooden flooring stores. It is light brown in color and owing to its softness, it is generally not used as the material for the entire floor. Instead, this one is used to add interesting contrasts and patterns to the floor, giving it a stunning look!

Creating a masterpiece of a home is everybody’s dream. People save up throughout their lives so that someday, they will be able to utilize this money for creating the castle of their dreams. And the best adornments they can add to this precious possession are hardwood floors. The kind of class and elegance that wood floors can bring to your home is simply unmatched. Whether you are going for a contemporary look or willing to give your home that rustic feel or are planning on creating a grand royal décor style, this flooring will complement it all! And what is more, wood flooring can bring the other decorations to prominence like never before! Visit Superior-Hardwoods.com to know more about types of hardwood floors.

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