Steve Jobs

One of the best inventor ever

Steve Job have been a very successful in many thing but mostly in business. He first made a company call apple but it wasn’t very successful, however he had invented his first computer in a 1976. Then he made his own company in 1985 and made a profit about $400 million dollar. The next step he made had turn him to the most successful, he had quit NeXT and went back to apple. In Apple he had created many things such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, computers, and many others. He had started a new generation or a new life for us, he turn the old phones, from flip phone to smartphone that’s touch screen. After the first invention many other things was invented after the iPod and iPhones, for example MacBook and iPad was invented. This had started another company to start to invent too. Even though he had die we will still remember him as one of the best inventor ever.


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3 years ago

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