Avante Apartments - Remaining Family Friendly

Founded in 1992 by Stanley Xu and Nanling Chen, The Longwell Company has steadily pursued its vision of investing in multifamily apartments. One of their premiere complexes is situated on 17.6 acres of lush green land and provides its tenants with all the amenities of modern living, including three swimming pools, a club house, and a business center on the premises. This complex is a classic example of the company's strategy, being in a working class area that is located near major employers, such as the Boeing Company, Sysco Foods, and the Oberto Sausage Company. "The average ownership period of our existing portfolio is over three years. The apartments are ideally located long the transportation corridor between Seattle and Tacoma.

"We are long-term investors and currently have properties in our portfolio that we have owned for as long as seven years," says Stanley Xu, who is serving as the company's President and Chief Executive Officer. Each of its 382 units has newly remodeled interiors, to keep them up to date and attractive to prospective tenants in a fiercely competitive renting market. Therefore we take a long-term viewpoint to our investments, relying less on what we see today and more on what we anticipate in the future." This, he continues, is a key part of the Longwell Company's investment philosophy that is a part of most purchase decisions. The Longwell Company, says Stanley Xu, prides itself on the care with which it manages and maintains its properties.

Avante Apartments are owned and operated by The Longwell Company, a Bellevue, Washington-based real estate firm that is privately owned, and which specializes in buying, developing, and disposing of just such properties.

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