It’s not as if developing customer loyalty needs to be rocket science. However, If rocket science is what you’re looking for, maybe try here instead.

If you’re still here, wonderful! SocialRub is using it’s network and partners to create and develop an extensive list of helpful resources to design the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE….oops, Sorry, I couldn’t help myself...BMW already has that! Maybe BMW wants a piece of SocialRub?  SocialRub is designing the ULTIMATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE using chair massage therapy to connect your message, brand or company with your customer.

You maybe asking yourself how such an ancient healing art such as massage therapy can accomplish that into today’s “always on” high-tech society. Companies today are scrambling to keep up with the ever-increasing customer touchpoints and multi-channel mumbo jumbo. While all of that data is important, I would like to dumb it down a little...well at least, slow it down.

THINK ABOUT IT...5, 10, 15, maybe even 20 minutes of your customer’s undivided attention. That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

I can’t think of a better way to get your customer to LISTEN and WATCH your message than by giving them a wonderful and relaxing massage...from an experienced professional, of course.

People, in the know, talk about enhancing your customer’s experience or encouraging them to ENGAGE with your brand, product, or service.  Well...Welcome to the ULTIMATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE REVOLUTION BABY!!!

If you made it this far, FABULOUS! - Now, take the next step and fill out the form below and I will be in touch.  Thank you...and in the meantime...#HappyRubs!