By: Noah Vahlsing

Key Features: the lion weighs 330-350 lbs. and usually lives for 16 years Lions live in groups called prides and males defend the territory while females do most of the hunting, Lions that live alone are usually able better than being in Prides.

Habitat: They live in africa in the jungle and safari with a wide variety of prey.  Mating/Breeding: A female lion sexually reproduces 1 to 4 cubs every  18-24 months. the cubs suckle for 6 months then at  4 months later the cubs usually start hunting on their own female cubs stick with the pride males are driven out,

Hunting: The lions diet varies from medium sized animals to large animals. The female are in charge of hunting and the color of a lion's coat helps it blend in while hunting. The pride of female lions circle the pray and all them attack the prey. A lion hunting alone usually stalks the pray then they sprint and deliver the final blow.

Behavior/Habits: The lion happens to be the most social cat. A pride can be made up of 40 members. Which has one male and six females. There maybe smaller sub-groups and prides mark their territory from 8 to 160 sq.  miles. They patrol and define their territories with loud roars and growls. Lions can spend 20 hours a day sleeping or resting.

Did you Know : 1. A lions roar can be heard six miles away.

                              2. 10,000 years ago lions could be found in North America

                               3. When a lioness hunts it suffocates its prey by clenching it's jaw on it's                                               mouth and nose.

Fun Facts: 1. Lions are the 2nd biggest cat species in the world.  2.Male lions with darker manes attract females more. 3. Lions are easy to recognize because of their mane.

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