Purdue teacher Coming

23 May 2014

Next week Mis Julie said all the shcool that Purdue teachers were coming to ABSS, and the bad thing is that all the times a Purdue teacher come to the class Im at they need to be weird.

The good thing is that some times the give us little things to remember of them like ink pen, pencils, waterbottles and other things of their university or of them. Last year a Purdue teacher gave Angel a ink pen of good quality that was from the Purdue teacher.

Sometimes the Purdue teachers that come are boys and girls but most of the times they come more girls than boys, sometimes they come 3 or5 boys and sometimes thay come 10 or 12 girls.

I hope this year they come at least 5 or 6 boys and that 2 of the boys come to 6 grade class, because boys are to me better like Mr Jairo. Because Mis Nicole wasnt a very good teacher!!