Jamestown Colony

A Desperate Time

By Matteo Aleman, and Weylin Wright

Arguments broke out in the Jamestown Colony. The whole colony descended into chaos. In the summer of 1609 the colony experienced a drought that has been the worst thing that has happened in 500 years. The English ended up planting their corn too late in the season. By late autumn almost all the food supply was spoiled, because rats had gotten into the warehouses. Some English were accused of stealing from the Native Americans so it made matters worse. After this the Powhatan refused to trade with the English so there was almost no food supply. All food and supplies had completely run out for the colony. The colonists were literally starving to death. By spring just about everything that could be eaten was. (dogs, cats, horses, rats, etc.) Some colonists also dug up dead buried bodies just for the flesh that hasn't rotten away. They finally were fed up. they all boarded a ship and left. Before they even reached the ocean they were stopped by a supply ship. They turned back around the the colony. There were only 60 settlers alive from the original 500 settlers.