Ebola Outbreak: Texas Nurse Tests Positive

By: Elizabeth Cohen, Steve Almasy and Joe Sutton

Summary of Story

      A nurse in Texas who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, an ebola patient who died on Wednesday, October eighth, has tested positive for Ebola. Health officials say that the woman had on a gown, gloves, mask and a shield while she was caring for Duncan. At some point, the nurse did not follow proper procedure and eventually exposed herself to the virus. The nurse had "extensive contact" on "multiple occasions" with Duncan. The woman has now been placed in isolation where she will be observed and treated.

Ideals Related to this Story

Oppurtunity and Rights

      This gives doctors a new opportunity to test out different vaccines and other treatments in order to destroy the virus. It is also an opportunity for the government to prevent further spread of the virus.

      The nurse has her god given right to travel wherever she chooses. In this instance, the governments obligation to protect the public supersedes them.


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