A Journey Just Begun

Life in Community

My faith journey began long before I was born and has continued to be nurtured by important people in my life. My parents have always been involved at First Lutheran Church in Harris, MN, the congregation I grew up in. I also spent much time with my Baptist great-grandmotherI would say she is the most influential person in my faith journey.

My journey continued as I went into my undergrad at the College of St. Catherine and doors were open to explore other faiths and denominations. Through my experiences and explorations of faith in college I felt drawn to volunteer with my sister's youth group on a mission trip. My life has been forever changed. The trip itself was nothing of excitement to note but working with the youth, seeing them grow, and being a part of that was something that I suddenly felt called towards. That fall I started my new job as the Coordinator of Confirmation at Trinity Lutheran Church in North Branch, MN.

I have worked there four years now and still love every minute. My job has changed to include senior high ministries and now no longer with Confirmation but beginning a young adult ministry. When I began to wonder if I could continue down this path, not feeling called to be a pastor but knowing I was called to something more if I remained in ministry I was re-introduced to the Deaconess Community of the ELCA.

I had known a few Sisters in my past but never given the Community much thought. When I looked into their vision, mission statement and met with some Sisters I knew this is where I was called to be. The more I have learned about the community and the more stories of Sisters I hear the more I know God is leading me to work through this roster in the lives of young people. This leads me to where I am now: A senior MA student in the CYF concentration here at Luther, an enteranced candidate in the Deaconess Community, and working as the Coordinator of Youth Ministries at Trinity Lutheran Church. I am excited to see where it all goes from here!

Here is a short clip of me introducing an intergenerational ministry the youth of Trinity lead this past summer.

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3 years ago

Love it! Thanks for sharing, Community is truly a part of what grounds your faith... Amen to that!