My house is very old, i live in fraccionamiento is located near a local tourist site called "Los Troncones" I'm from MExico, I have a dog called "chato" my house is very old.

I have a very small garden, I have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.I collect a lot of a movies and music in my room, I have T.V, also i have a small library in my house with my favorite auhors.I have a plenty of chars but never use as table.

I love my house, I live with my mother and my brothers.I share a room with my younger brother, around my house there are many commercial shoes, so I have to walk Far to The nearrest store.

It took two years of living in my house and i love, because it is a very quiet, because there is a police station near.Well it's all over my house.


The torre mayor is a skys craper located in the most beautiful avenue in Mexico(paseo de la Reforma).It's contemporary design and is built on an area of 157000m2.

The materials used in its contruction is steel estructure, reinforced concrete, glass, marble and granrte in common areas and labby.

It features a four level under ground parking and nine floors at curbside with a total quota of 2000 cars.

tower has a height of 225,00m, the building is equipped with 29 lifts (elevators)) and 84135m2 of office space, 2 emergency starcases pressurized handlers automatic air conditioning units, mechanical, electrical and telecommunications sistems on each floor. Each plant has an average floor area of 1,700 to 1.825 square meters, free of columns with a height of 4.50m each floor.

The torre Mayor is considered a long with the U.S Bank tower, Torre pemex and Torre latinoamericana, one of the toughest building in the world, is a beautiful building of the world

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