Ellis Island Simulation

I am in the infermaition station they are figring out where I am from. I am from swizerland for Eliss Iland . by Caroline
they asked were was my century was and I accidentally said my real name. by Cristina Garcia
I was showing her where Germany was on the map by Ethan
i am waiting in line to tell them how it was on the ship! by Kalissa
I was searching for my country and job by jordan
I was waiting to get your eyes checked in the medical station.
I was in the medical station getting my heart cheked out by marcus
I am going to baggage claim. by Naoya
I was waiting for them to check my passport/ By Neel
I was at outside listening to teacher. I was about to celebrate becoming a citizen by Rachel Lim
It was very fun getting to pretend to go to Ellis island
I got deported. I got deported because I had food in my bag. _ Riddhi
I was finding the country India with Sydney's mom by Vaishant
me at the ellis island simulator at the research room getting researched by miles
I had to wait for hours just for the baggage check and health care. by josh
I was in the passport room. They were talking to me about leaving Japan and coming to America.
l was at outside listening to the teacher by Aadarsh

I am so thankful to our amazing volunteers for our Ellis Island Simulation.  All the learners truly had an amazing time!

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