By: Mindy Luu

                                                               What does it do?

After signing up to a help organization, a child from your family will go to a public school within 24 hours. There are many reasons for them to come to CARITAS like maybe a men trying to stop drinking and taking drugs, and or maybe someone wants to get a house and live on their own. CARITAS is able to help because they want to help to get rid of their street life.

                                                            CARITAS Info

CARITAS is a organization with three parts such as CARITAS Shelter, CARITAS work, and CARITAS furniture bank. CARITAS Shelter is an emergency shelter that gives food, necessities, and basic working. CARITAS Work is a five- week and 8 hour day job and life skill. The life skills are job search skills and life skills. Lastly the CARITAS furniture bank gives between  800 to 1000 families with furniture or main items.

                                                         How was it started

CARITAS was started when families didn't have shelters in the winter also CARITAS was named "Winter Cots" before the name CARITAS. In 1987, they became bigger and they got named for the biggest homeless shelter in our community. Now more than 170 churches are suppoting CARITAS.  


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