The Thief

By: Katie Hodgson

           Lennie trips over his own feet and soils his pants with manure. He morosely walks to the bunk house to change. While Lennies changing he notices a small leather satchel on Georges bunk. In his satchel on George’s bunk he finds $100 in coins and bills along with plots of land and a deed with George’s name on it. He looks around and see’s Candy standing in the door way. Candy walks away without saying a word about it. Lennie looks around and tries to follow Candy out. He loses Candy and gets sores as hell not knowing who candy will open his flapper to. Lennie ponders telling George but decided not to.

      Six hours later Candy, George, and Lennie are playing cards. Candy takes George aside and says “I think I saw Lennie stealin’ from you” George angrily said “Lennie ain’t no thief Candy.” “George I’m not accusing you of anything but I saw him looking in your satchel at your stuff. George looks over to his bunk and goes in his bag only to find that the $100 has gone missing.  George looks over at Candy and says “Trying to steal from me Candy?” “No, no I would never steal from you George”.

        George looks down at the colorless floor angrily. He then looks threw all eight bunks searching for his money. Lennie comes in and says “George what are you doing?” George screams “Someone stole my money!” Lennie looking down morosely says “George you know I aint take it right George?” “Yeah Lennie I know but that means someone did.” Curley then comes walking in and says “Hey George looking for this?” the sack on coins is in his dirty hand.  Curley approaches George and says “Yeah well its mine now” in a snarky tone. George reluctantly hits Curley and grabs the money running out of the bunkhouse. Getting pooped from the hit he turns back around to look at Curley. He then sees Lennie holding Curley in the air telling him to apologize. George drops his flapper and runs to protect Lennie. Lennie then drops Curley and Curley screams “Sorry!” and was never mean again.

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