Ball Don't Lie

Matt De La Pena

Michael Jordan's quote relates to the main character Sticky in the book because both Michael Jordan and Sticky are basketball players. Also, Michael and Sticky each endured many hardships and obstacles before achieving their goals.

Jason WIlliam

The protagonist in this book is Sticky, a foster kid who has lived in several different homes over the years.  I used Jason Williams as an example because of the life challenges  he faced, because his playing style is similar to Sticky's.

The antagonist in this book is actually life itself.  The reason being is that life threw many challenges towards Sticky in which he had to overcome.

The theme of this story is determination. In life you will go through adversity and challenge, which is inevitable.  However, how you respond to that adversity is what makes you who you are.  

The Professor Streetball Basketball Player

Sticky is a great basketball player, but does he ever achieve his goal or does he fail and allow society to interfere.  Read this great book to find out.

just a regular athlete

I recommend this book to teenage athletes everywhere.  This book gives a lesson to its readers that in order to achieve success it will not be easy; you have to want it more than anyone else and have to work even harder to achieve your goals.

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