Home life in Ancient Greece

By Tim Goudemont

Life in ancient Greece was different than ours. For example, every Greek family owned a slave. Male slaves worked as servants and laborers, but the female slaves worked as household servants. Some male slaves worked in mines. They worked long hours, but owners paid the slaves really little. Greek houses varied in size depending on their location and the families living in them. Greek houses had only one door, and the windows were very tiny. Sometimes larger homes had a storage room. Sometimes walls were painted with a scene that told a story. Every house had an open courtyard in the center

Ancient Greek daily life was very similar to ours. For example, sports and entertainment were important to ancient Greeks. From childhood, they trained for regularly held competitions called Agonies. Every town had a sports center, a gymnasium, and a stadium. It was so important for ancient Greece, that they called the winners heroes. Clothes were really comfortable to wear. Clothing was made out of linen, wool, and sometimes silk. Women made the clothes for their family, or they traded with rich people.