Come To Mesopotamia

Come to the most wonderful place on earth! Mesopotamia!

Where Would You Be Moving?

You would be moving to the land between the rivers. Mesopotamia! Mesopotamia is located between the Euphrates and the Tigris River. Mesopotamia is located in Asia. That is where you would be moving to.

The Advantages of Moving to Mesopotamia?

There are also advantages to moving to Mesopotamia like living right next to an irrigation system which is a river that is clean water that you can drink. Another advantage about moving to Mesopotamia is there is a lot agriculture so you can farm and domesticate animals to be useful for you. Another advantage is there are ziggurats so if you are polytheism and you can go to rituals. Another advantage is that there are social structures and there are people around that you can trade with. One last advantage is that there are Hammurabi's code so that you can be safe. Those are just some of the wonderful advantages of moving to Mesopotamia.

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