The Land of Ancient Egypt

Katelyn Klich

The Nile River always flows North. The Nile has two main sources: Blue Nile (rough) and the White Nile (calm). The Nile has six cataracts, or rapids, which are strong waves of water that make traveling with boats hard. That is why the Egyptians traveled on foot to trade. The cataracts made trade hard because the Egyptians couldn't travel across the Nile of Nubia. The Nile was used to transport goods.

The Nile flooded each spring, leaving silt in it's banks for farming. The Egyptians called their land "Kemet" or "black land", because of the silt (a dark soil used for farming). Beyond the banks of the Nile River, lay "red land" or desert. The desert sand was hot from the sun causing protection from forgein attacks.

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