coming home soon.

union(north), kid(10), brooke, dec. 1-dec. 7, my dad(in war) my mom and sister.

December 1.

Today in the morning we woke up and prayed for our farther, just like every morning. We ate breakfast but it's never going to be the same without my dad here eating with us. Then we watered the plants that are inside and brought some wood inside to make a fire so we can keep warm on the cold winter day. Then we went outside and fed the farm animals. That afternoon we made dinner and ate. We fed the animals one last time for the day and my mom told me and my sister to get ready for bed. We prayed before we went to bed and went to bed .

December 2.

Dear daddy,

I miss you so much, I want you to come home so bad.  Sissy is now 7 and I'm finally 10 now. We got some more pigs with the money I helped get by working with mom cleaning houses.  Mommy is teaching me so well. I know how to multiply now. I want you to stay safe because I want you coming home soon. I miss you so much.

love, Brooke.

December 3.

Today was a long day. We went to the grocery store and got some food. I helped mom bring in the food and then I got sick. Mom tried to help me feel better but it wasn't really working. I sent some canned food to where my dad is stationed and I also sent blankets that I made with my mom. I sent cleaning products too. I know everyone wants to finally be clean .

december 4.

dear brooke,

I miss you so much too, I'm coming home soon, I promise. Help mom and your sister stay safe until I get home. I am so proud of you, keep up the good work. I love you guys so much and tell everyone I miss them. I'm now in the battle of port royal . They made a blockade and it sunk.

love, daddy.

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