ManieMan Island

Home of the Manly Men


We are run by a dictator ship by the person who wins the manly contest, but can't make any decions until consulting the head of elders.


Any religion is allowed. New religions on the island have to purchase land to worship on.


The beaches are nice and warm go inland and you find a snowy paradise, so bring warm and cold clothing. 


All sports are allow except tennis it's not manly enough. We are currently are working snow sports. Don't worry we have plenty of wildlife for hunting. Watch out for wolves through.


We have most hobbies we are even adding arts and crafts. With a build-a-bear workshop we have stuffed animals. If you like motors and things that go boom this is the place for you.


Since men eat mostly anything we have a lot of restaurants of many different cultures. You won't go hungry.

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