And then there were none

The unsolved mystery of Agatha Christie

And then there were none also known as Ten Little Indians is the number one selling mystery book in the world. There have been many plays and show operas based on Agatha Christie's suspenseful book.

Indian Island the setting of the story

All 10 guest in the book are sent to the luxurious Indian Island all the guest have been hired or invited to the island for different reasons. The ten guest are not sure who has invited or hired them but they have an idea of who it could be. Shortly after their arrival to the isolated mansion they will be staying at they figure out none of them actually know who invited them there.

This is a picture of the characters in and then there were none

And Then There Were None is a book full of suspense! One by one the characters are murdered and first to die is Tony Martson he chokes on poisoned whiskey.

This is vera and lombard before vera kills him

Through out the book Lombard grows attracted to Vera and underestimates her, while on the beach they find Armstronger's dead body. Vera is convinced Lombard is the murder and shoots him.

vera hangs herself

After killing Lombard Vera goes to her room and feels guilty. She hangs herself just as the murder had planned. Nine dead bodies laid on Indian Island. If Lombard wasn't the murder who was? Read Agatha Christies mysterious book to find out!

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