Tuesday at Lake

Happy Birthday Mel Pruitt!

  • Regular Schedule
  • Construction Warning: The minor walkway that leads from the locker rooms, shops, and the CTE hall near the MB custodial office will be closed this afternoon.  A deep 4.5 ft. electrical trench will be constructed this afternoon and could be hazardous if anyone accidently walked into it. The main walkway and exits to this minor walkway will be blocked. Please help keep students safe by directing them away from this area.  
  • HOSA sponsored MD Anderson blood drive from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm in the MB small gym. Everyone is encouraged to donate!
  • Boys Basketball vs. Clear Brook (Krueger)
  • School-wide tutorials until 3:15 pm

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3 years ago

You have amazing talent. I am one of the Scholastic Art Award judges in central New York State.