Week 1: Tackk

Welcome to the first week of 21 Techy Tools for Teachers. Each week you will receive an email with information about a {FREE} tool that you can begin using right away. I will be sharing this information via Tackk, a simple way to create and share content on the web. So ... it only makes sense to share Tackk as the first tool!

Getting Started

  1. Go to https://tackk.com
  2. Create an account. Tackk is free. Forever. No ads, ever.
  3. Click the blue Create button and start typing!

Yes, it's that easy.

Adding Content

There are lots of ready-to-use templates or you can create your own Tackk by selecting the blank template. Easily add headlines, text, images, video, and more by  hovering your mouse over any content area and click the plus sign (+). Click the desired icon on the content selector tool and it will be added to your Tackk.

When adding text, you can select a headline, body text, or even a bulleted or numbered list. Just click and start typing.

The Editor panel (on the right side of the page) will allow you to select color palettes, backgrounds, fonts, and other options to personalize your Tackk.

Sharing a Tackk

Once your Tackk is published, you (and others) will be able to LIKE it, TWEET about it, FAVORITE it (for other Tackk users) or SHARE it via link, email, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You can even embed it onto other websites or print a hard copy.

Classroom Applications

  • Newsletters for students and/or parents
  • Create and share lesson plans (directions and links for more information)
  • Invitations to Parent Nights, Carnivals, or other special events
  • Showcase student work - text, images, or videos
  • Share class weblinks

Teachers can create a class account and let students publish individual Tackks. Here are a few teachers using Tackk with their students:

  • Persuasive Essays (Each student writes and publishes a persuasive essay. They add an image or video as well.)
  • Art and Beyond Camp (Sharing student art projects from Art Camp.)
  • Photo of the Day (Teacher created a Tackkboard with a specific hashtag. Students create a Tackk with their picture and a description, then tag it to be added to the board.)

Additional tools you might like ...

  • Smore - design beautiful online flyers and publish instantly. (Free accounts are limited to only 5 Smores)

What do you think?

Be sure to add comments and questions in the Comment Stream below. If you create a Tackk for your classroom, please leave the link here so we can all check it out!

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Comment Stream

3 years ago

I'm trying it out! https://tackk.com/qw8fpj I don't like that it still says untitled when I figured out how to put a headline on it, but I'm giving up! I would like ideas for how people have used this with students.

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3 years ago

Yay, Amy! Hmmm ... not sure why it says Untitled here. When I look at the actual Tackk, it has your title on it. I've seen a few ideas of classroom use in their "gallery", but I would love to hear from teachers in our district that have tried it!