Celtic for "Fire"


This is Aithne, named after the Celtic word for fire. Fire embodies nobility, worthiness, energy, and passion, all qualities which Aithne has proven to have.


Engraved on the hilt of Aithne is this triangle, also known as the elemental symbol for fire.


Aithne's hilt is also encrusted with red rubies, a gem that symbolizes positivity, courage, health, enlightenment, and good fortune. This gem has also been called "the stone of star."


Aithne was made for Queen Serefina, ruler of the Cenomani tribe in Eastern Lombardy. Serefina ruled her people for forty years, keeping them safe from the shores on the edge of her territories and warming their lives with her kindness and generosity. Only when the demon-dragon named Fenume emerged from the depths of hell was Aithne created for the fire-queen to protect her people.


The defining battle of Aithne's life was between Queen Serefina and Fenume at the edge of the volcano in which Fenume thrives. The dragon had been burning fields and snatching citizens of the Cenomani tribe, angering the queen. With shining armor and supernatural sword in hand the fire-tamer trekked to Fenume's lair, dependent on Aithne's powers. Aithne not only could withstand the flames of any fire, but also had the ability to store strength in the rubies at the hilt. Each bout of fire could be deflected and each strike against the queen could be replenished with Aithne's power. The flame-licker met the she-warrior with a heat and ferocity never before heard of, and after the exchanging of blows, claws on armor and sword on scales, Fenume inflicted a painful blow. Queen Serefina was slashed across her sword arm and fell to the ground. Aithne, sensing his owner's struggle, transferred the energy inside the hilt to the wounded arm. Rising up again, Serefina returned to the fight with more vigor and determination than ever. With a wild set of advances and a final slash of Aithne's blade Fenume's head fell to the ground, spewing embers about the battleground. Aithne had not failed the queen, and had proved a strong and worthy weapon of Queen Serefina.

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