1. As you go higher in the atmosphere the temperature goes down,up,down,and up again

2. Pressure

As you go higher in the atmosphere the pressure decreases.

3. Why the atmosphere is important

The atmosphere is important because it protects us from the suns harmful rays so we don't die and it protects us from meteors.

4. Importances of the different layers in our atmosphere

Troposhere: The weather occurs here and we (humans,plants,animals) live here.

Stratosphere: The ozone layer is found here (protects us from the suns rays)

Mesosphere: Protects us from meteors

Thermospere: Includes the exosphere and ionsphere

5. The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is what happens when the atmosphere keeps the planet warm.

6. The Atmospheres Gasses

The atmosphere has many gasses nitrogen which is 78% of the atmosphere 21% is Oxygen and the other 1% is other gasses.

7. Atmospheres size

Compared to the earth,the atmosphere is very very thin.


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