Sentry: "King, every single time I think to myself, I wonder, if I should tell you or if I should you find out from someone else. But if you find out from another person, then I might get into bigger trouble. So I will tell you what has happened even if it doesn’t make any sense”.

Creon: “Get on with it!”

Sentry: “I had no part in this so I shouldn’t get punished for someone else’s actions”

Creon: “Perhaps if I knew what it is! Just say it already!”

Sentry: "I don't know how to say this,but something bad has happened."

Creon: "Are you going to tell me or not!"

Sentry: "So you know the dead man polyneices? Well someone has given him a somewhat burial thing."

Creon: "who would do such a thing?"

Sentry: "The criminal left no traces behind. So we basically have no leads. There was just a small amount of dust on polyneices,so clearly it wasn't a proper burial,but just enough for the ghost to have peace. Everyone is coming at each other's throats with false evidence and dumb accusations. Then we played and I last so I had to be the one to tell you about this".

Choragos: "So I have been wondering,what if it's the gods who are doing this?"

Creon: "Stop! You're going over your head. Why would you think that the gods are trying to help a traitor! And bury his corps? Maybe it's a criminal! Who ever did this was misfortune!"

Sentry: "Yo, let me talk."

Creon: "Shut up! Your voice is so annoying!"

Sentry: "Maybe it's not my voice but it's you."

Creon: "Really? You have the nerve to question me?"

Sentry: "It's not what I say or what I do to hurt you you."

Creon: "Shut up !!!"

Sentry: "I didn't do anything to offend you."

Creon: "You sold yourself for money that's why you done it."

Sentry: "That's sad the king judges wrong."

Creon: "If you brought me the man who did this, I'll give you money."

Sentry: "I'll bring you the man but you have seen the last of me and I'm safe from you."

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3 years ago

Great job! A few proofreading errors, but you all worked really hard.