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The photosynthesis

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Our goals of this activitiy are our main verbs, which are: Evaluate (judge and verify), analyze (outlline, differenciate and diagram), create (summarize, adapt, design, construct and improve), apply (apply, demonstrate, record and illustrate), understand (compare) and lastly we have remember (list, label, name, recall and identify).

Age: our pupils are 8/9 years old.

The subject in which they are studying this topic is natural science.

Our short description: First of all we have to talk about the sessions we are going to use in this activity, which are 10. The teacher will need a session class in which he explains the process of working. It will be necessary two sessions for the first tool (thingink) two for the second one (pinterest) and four for the third (Windows Movie Maker) which is more difficult. One more session will be used by the teacher to evaluation: exoposition of the video and oral exposition. Then we are going to talk about the competences we are working with which are learn to learn, digital competences and last but not least knowledge of physic world. The main objective of this activity is that the kids learn what is photosynthesis, its process and what is it for.

Our long description: First of all we are going to describe the tools we are using. We have windows movie maker which is for making creative and imaginative videos and in this case they had to explain the photosynthesis process with its more important characteristics. Then we have pinterest which they used to upload their favorite picture related to photosynthesis before studying it. And lastly we have thingink that is used to upload a photo but in a different way, puting tags in order to explain the most important things and what you think they mean.  At the beggining, the teacher will use a session to teach the process of working, what they have to do and what is the result he wants. As we've said before, the teacher will need two sessions for the first app because the students will have to learn how to use it, like the two sessions used for pinterest. Talking about the assesment we can say that this is an important part of this activity because is when we know if kids have really learnt and it has been worthy. Our type of assesment is not an exam but doing a video with the tool Windows Movie Maker which is more original and they have less pressure. Apart from this, they will have to do an oral exposition of the subject. ”. This activity is thought to make the students learn how to work alone. We want them to improve their digital knowledge and to summarize a topic in a few words, focusing on the most important things of the content.

This is our thinglink:




This is our pinterest:


Windows Movie Maker video


Cristina Fernández Maria Maestre and María José Herrero.

This is a CCL web page.

Working with this apps we make the students learn the topic. They will have to create some projects and with the exposition, they will really acquire this basic knowledge.

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