Nemo's World!

                  shelter! (:
  Nemo lives in the sea anemone in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  He lives with many other species and fish.  There population is enormous because they are many different fish in the ocean with them. There architecture is more like water , plants , and sewer pipes.

Climate Region! (:
    Nemo's Climate is very fun and warm. Nemo is also considered a Clownfish that makes epic sea journeys of hundred of kilometers. He can be affected by climate change adapt to the new conditions in their daily life.  

Food ! (:
Nemo , the Clownfish finds a way to survive on his own and by the help of his father by eating plankton, Algae, and some shellfish. The most food he ate was the algae when he was finding his way out of the tank when he was trapped with the other fish.

  In the Anemone sea Dory and one of the clownfish try to speak whale when they were trying to find a location. Marlin , dory , and the others spoke English in reality. The significance of there language is to understand what they are trying to tell each other.

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