Joe Bretz

Media Analyst

Internet and technology entrepreneur turned film, television, and music producer, Joe Q. Bretz came to prominence in 2002 with his revolutionary direct-to-hard disc production of the California Music Awards’ 25th Anniversary Show. Since that breakthrough in post-production, Bretz has built a multi-faceted resume including unique and notable music, television and feature-film projects, as well as Internet initiatives.

In 2012, he co-founded The Digital Development Group, Corp. (Digidev) — a Los Angeles, California-based business that gives content-owners distribution capability across multiple platforms using existing Internet Protocol (IP) services, and offers consumers easy cross-platform access to digital media. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bretz relocated to the West Coast where he provided his services as a consultant for a number of tech companies with a focus on digital-media content delivery. He has also worked closely with NASDAQ-listed businesses, including Progressive Gaming Company, in creating innovative multi-media approaches to strategic marketing campaigns.

From 2002 to 2009, Bretz was the managing partner of Q-Black Media, raising a private investment fund that incubated numerous successful Internet and media-related start-ups; and overseeing a series of real-estate and nightclub holdings.

Additionally, Bretz created marketing and promotional alliances within the NFL and MLB that utilized the star power of the players for various video production and web-casting events. Some of Bretz’s other notable credits include producing the music-video special “Smash Mouth – Live from the Fillmore,” featuring the multi-platinum band; the HBO rock-concert series “Reverb”; the Rob Schneider feature-film “The Chosen One”; and “Gumby’s 50th Birthday Gala,” a video special paying tribute to the well-known stop-motion animated character. He also established Sound Byte Music Management. As the co-founder and head of the technology committee for Digidev, Bretz brings his wide-ranging experience and expertise in digital-rights management along with his understanding of multiple ways to exploit the various revenue streams of intellectual property. He continues to forge new alliances and collaborate with a client list that includes A-list tech companies and celebrities. Bretz is a member of the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and is a contributor to a variety of charities.

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