BY: Katie, Eryn, and Gabby


Our plan is to Suran Wrap Mr. Plum to his bed and to Suran Wrap the door to his cabin. We will wait until Mr. Plum goes to bed.

Steps to Suran Wrap Mr. Plum

Step one: Gather supplies. We will need lots of Suran Wrap, and a few rolls of duct tape.
Step two: Wait until after lights out.
Step three: Have the guys text or call Ms. Carl when Mr. Plum is asleep.
Step four: Sneak into the cabin and Suran Wrap Mr. Plum to the bed, quietly.
Step five: Suran Wrap the cabin door on the way out.

Reason We Picked Suran Wrap

We picked Suran Wrap because it is a fun, easy, and efficient way to prank a friend. We also picked it because it is harmless to Mr. Plum.

Back Up Plan

If Mr. Plum does not come for some reason, we've decided that we will Suran Wrap his office, and Jell-O his stapler while he is out.

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