1) What does the dialogue in this scene tell us Mama wants to do? Think in broad terms.

MAMA wanted to get a new house and make every one happy. When MAMA handed Walter the money inside the envelope,she wanted Walter to be happy and not sad because he didn't get  any thing out of the money.She wanted to help the family.

2) When Mama gives the envelope to Walter, what does this tell the audience?

She trusted Walter and she told the audience that college is important.And buying something less can get you more out of it.

1) Why does Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave"?

She is being sarcastic and telling them that moving there is the wrong choice.

1) What is the most important idea in this scene? Think in broad terms.

It's saying that show the younger ones doing what's right is the best choice but family is always first!

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2 years ago

Walter expresses his family pride. (Last question)