Lawn Mower Mulching: A Great Way For Growing Healthy Lawn

Mulching is considered as one of the most effective, natural method when it comes to growing healthy, green grass in residential or commercial areas. On the other hand, the use of fertilizers on a grass can give birth to a large number of problems, thus shortening the life of the grass. The benefits of lawn mulching are listed as under:

  • Nutrients: Traditional mowers throw the clippings here and there or store them in bags connected with them while mowing. But, the mulching mowers cut the clippings into very small pieces, and then allow them to go in the ground. These clippings contain a wide range of nutrients that are required for healthy growth of the lawns.
  • Enhance soil fertility: Using lawn clippings as mulch is a great way to fertilize your lawn. As the grass clippings go directly in the ground, they go ahead and decompose off the grass, thus increasing the soil fertility.
  • Lawn mulching is environment friendly: According to a research, approximately 4.5 tons of grass clippings are generated from a lawn of an area of 1.5 acre, which create a large amount of waste. Mulching transfer the clippings back into the grass, thus leaving no waste.
  • Save time and money: Lawn mower mulching is a hassle-free method to reduce work time in yard. As much time is wasted in bagging the clippings, and by mulching, you can save valuable time and money.
  • Reduce thatch: Mulching is useful in preventing the build up of thatch in the lawn.

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