21st Century Learning
@ Lev Chana

1. How many IPADS do you have access to for your students? How do they use them in your sessions?
Students enjoy using and writing on the ipad. It is fun and keeps them focused. Each student folder contains detailed results of his/her kriah assessment in addition to his/her individual lesson plan.

2. How do the teachers keep you informed of the students’ progress?
Each student’s individual lesson plan has a section for the teacher to write the goals and a section where the teacher writes how the student performed. Working on the ipad gives the teacher easy access to a lot of information in order to plan future lessons effectively.

3. How do parents stay informed of their childrens’ progress?
All materials used in school are in digital format and parents have access to materials at home as well.

4. Can you explain how you used technology Screencasting on the IPad to create your very own fluency program?
We just started an exciting fluency program this year using powerpoint and screencast technology Students are presented with sounds, syllables and eventually words in specific time intervals with the pace increasing along with students fluency . Students enjoy this and feel like they are playing a fun computer game instead of the pressure associated with timed reading of text.

5. What are some challenges for your students or yourself of using the
iPad in your classes?

We depend 100% on the ipad so if the ipad is not working sessions
are unable to take place.

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