Career Highlight

By: Dakota Cones

A Cell Biochemist is someone who studies cells and their interactions with chemicals and other biological organisms.

If you don't know much about cells then I have a video for you. It explains the basics of what a cell is, and what they do.

Believe it or not Cell Science, Biology and Biochemistry have come a long way since cells were first discovered in the early 1600's..


A  Cell Biochemist uses many tools to help him/her in their studies.

Such as Sequential Alignments and Structural Alignments that help a Cell Biochemist align a cells structure, and optionally in a sequential order.

The Cell Biochemist has many duties and responsibilities, many of which have to do with Research, and Study, there is also a lot of testing, and trial and error.

An Interesting Fact about a Cell Biochemist is that they are paid a very generous amount. In fact, the mean annual wage that they earn is $91,640. Or $44.06 an hour.

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