Puerto Rico

What you need to know
By: Patrick Leahy

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

Currency-U.S Dollar.

Owned by U.S.

Population-3,725,789 as of 2014

National Anthem

Famous places to go in Puerto Rico

One place many people will go to in Puerto Rico is Gran Meliå Golf Resort

These are 5 other top places people go.

Famous foods and drinks

This is Mofongo, only one of the most famous foods in Puerto Rico.

Some more of there foods:

  • Tostones
  • Maduros

Some of there drinks:

  • Coco Rico
Coco Rico is made in the U.S, but is for Puerto Rico.

Climate and Geography

Puerto Rico is in the "Tropical climate zone"

It normally falls under 80 degrees in low elevated areas, but in the few mountains they have can be 70 or lower.

This is a valley in Puerto Rico to show you the mountains.

Current Event

6.4 Earthquake occurred in January, but damage is still today

Watch until 00:59 for the Puerto Rico earthquake.

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