How to Stay Fit

Terry says that the body is designed to stay in locomotion, to keep moving and keep improving. That is why Terry actively goes on hiking trips or endurance runs. He has even recently become interested in rock climbing. Terry says that though it is not necessary to participate in activities that are so extreme, that it is important to develop a steady routine that will build up your body and make it stronger, faster, leaner and meaner. He says that resistance training may be right for some, but perhaps not for others. Though the needs vary based on your gender, weight, height, and personal fitness level, everyone can benefit from both forms of exercise.

Terry says that staying active should be your prerogative, and that you should always make a little time for your body. He himself is a many that enjoys a good challenge, and won't shy away from overcoming a couple obstacles. Mostly however, people fall into the general category of needing light to moderate amounts of cardio, and a rigorous weight resistance program.

Terry Hay of Hawaii says that it is very important to him to stay fit and active, both physically and mentally, as it is good maintenance. He says that he loves to push his body to its limitations, to see just what the human body is capable of. Terry says that being active is all about mind over matter, and that you simply have to find an exercise routine that fits your own personal needs. He says that the benefits of regular exercise are plentiful. Terry says by being in good general condition you will find that an inner peace comes with that fitness as well. Being fit makes your mind as well as your body sharper.