Non-Traditional Career Paths

1.Mine cutting machines- usually for men but women work this job to if they earn it. you must have a high school diploma to enter or get into this job.People earn $23.78 an hour.

2.Architects-you can earn $39.57 / hour.You have to work very hard and advise clients or customers.Analyze scientific research data or investigative findings.Use creativity in graphics.Use drafting or mechanical drawing techniques.This is for women and you have to earn a bachelor's degree.

3.Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Operators-you earn $17.59 / hour. This job includes work of adjust production equipment/machinery setup.Lay out machining, welding or precision assembly projects.Move or fit heavy objects.Use precision measuring tools or equipment. Women must have a high school diploma for this job.

4.Mechanics- People think this job is just for men,but women can get into this job too. You can earn $29.43 an hour. People must have a diploma for this job in order to get into this job.This will help you in math with geometry too.